Sunday Slow Jam Vol.89 – Sweet Home

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.89 – Sweet Home

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This summer I’ve had the privilege to tour across Canada and make music with some mighty fine people. There is something about being on the road that is fantastic and invigorating, especially during the summer. However, there is always a point when you long for home and simpler things like your own bed, fresh fruit, the comfort of friends and family, or your favourite mug. Home is a powerful place.

I picked up this album, “Don’t Lose This” a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with its intimacy, presence and vibe, as well as, the stellar performances by Pops Staples and his family. It’s a touching and honest collection of songs that features Pops Staples and the signature Staples’ Singers sound. The album also captures his very spirit, his musical legacy and his love for his family, it is extremely tangible.

Read what Mavis Staples has to say about this project:

“It was meant to be our last work, but my sisters and I decided to let Pops sing, to let him have this one. … One day, Pops told me, ‘Mavis, bring that record up here, I want to hear it.’ I brought it up to the bedroom and he listened. When it was over, Pops told me, ‘Mavis, don’t lose this here.’ I said, ‘OK, Pops, I won’t lose it.’ And he just smiled. It was a moment I’ll never forget. He had this glow after listening to it; he loved it. So I kept it. I always said I was going to get it out there because Pops told me not to lose it. When he said, ‘Don’t lose this,’ that meant: ‘Let it be heard.’”

Check out the beautiful duet sung by Mavis and Pops Staples. Listen to them as they weave a gorgeous, authentic melodic tapestry around each other. It sounds familiar, like home.

Pop Staples feat. Mavis Staples – Sweet Home

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