SHOW: The Acapella Rumble: What It Is vs TriVo

SHOW: The Acapella Rumble: What It Is vs TriVo

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The gloves are off when East Van Soul Quartet What It Is challenges World Music Heavyweights Trivo to an Acapella Rumble. Join your host Wayne “Sound Off” Stewart ringside for a knock down drag out acapella bloodbath. Featuring, on team TriVo: Dawn “Git Down” Pemberton, Brian “Big Daddy” Tate, and Karla “Maneater” Mundy. On team What It Is: Patti “Pottymouth” Powell, Mimi “Boom Boom” Beyene, Carol “Whiplash” Wiedemann and Cass “Killah” King. WHO WILL EMERGE HARMONIOUS?

This is by far the nerdiest (read coolest) thing I have ever done and I love it! What started as a fun FB smack talking sesh has turned into hilarious reality. So, come and check us out and see who will emerge victorious! TriVo ain’t scared of nothing! What It Is will have to be called What It WAS after we get through with them! Ha ha!
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