Sunday Slow Jam Vol.104 – Visions

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.104 – Visions

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“…Have I lived to see the milk and honey land where hate’s a dream and love forever stands or is this a vision in my mind?” I like to believe that Stevie Wonder has written a song for every moment. His songs seem to always beautifully describe every point on the vast spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Not only does he inspire with his talent and skill, he also stirs the heart with his ability to understand and decipher the world around him. Recent world events have cast a heaviness and are testing our humanity, our compassion and our empathy. How do we love when there is no hope? How do we trust when we are afraid? Should we dare to dream? These may seem like big questions, but the amazing thing about the human spirit is that we can’t help ourselves and our desire to reach out, help, do good and be good. The possibility of connection always lures our curious heart. This is how hope is born, how love is created, how trust blooms and where dreams reside. It’s in our DNA…the drive to survive and flourish. The real question is how do we make these things stick?

This Sunday Slow Jam is dedicated to the places and hearts that need healing in our world.

Stevie Wonder – Visions

“…But what I’d like to know is could a place like this exist so beautiful or do we have to take our wings and fly away to the vision in our minds?”

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