Sunday Slow Jam Vol.101 – Walk in The Rain

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.101 – Walk in The Rain

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The Mike Allen Quartet is one of Vancouver’s shining gems and an undeniable musical force that plays everything from heavy hitting originals to beloved standards. Check out this great tune “Walk in The Rain” from the quartet’s 2007 release called “Vancouver”. This track features the fabulous vocals of bassist/vocalist Adam Thomas, the gorgeous piano playing of Chris Gestrin and the fluid, effortless drumming of Julian McDonough. Whenever I hear Mike Allen I feel like he is playing for his life. It has intention and is intense. His music is fuelled by pure passion and can change from a slow burn to a full raging fire in seconds. It’s thrilling to watch and listen to Allen explore other musical realms. I often feel carried away by the sheer power and energy of his tone, he holds nothing back. It’s visceral, emotional music making and it can’t be escaped.

Don’t be fooled by the quaint title and lilting waltz, “Walk in The Rain” starts off like a pleasant rain shower and manages to rage like a glorious, heaving squall. The quartet takes you there.

It’s sublime and perfect.

Mike Allen Quartet – Walk In The Rain

Catch the fabulous Mike Allen Quartet at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen on November 13th and 14th, 2015 at 8pm. Go here for more info.

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