Freedom Singer

Freedom Singer

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Khari McClelland is a beautiful friend of mine. His heart and soul are as big as his talents. He’s been working on a gorgeous project called Freedom Singer. It reflects upon experiences of the Underground Railroad and people’s quest for humanity and freedom. Khari’s own great-great-great grandmother was a slave and made the long journey to Canada. He retraced her steps and became curious. He read stories and became even more curious. He heard people share and he wondered  “What was the music that followed these people on their journey?”.  His music is potent and stirring, heavy and hopeful. I was honoured to sing these powerful songs with Khari and this fine group of people. At times the music was so moving, so real that all we could do was sing on through our tears.

You can watch the full performance here: Freedom Singer

Here is a picture of the entire group!
Big thanks to the CBC Toque Sessions for presenting this wonderful show!

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