Emily Chamber’s VANJAMS

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#VanJams is a collective project by R&B/Soul singer Emily Chambers (@em_chambers) and videographer Michael Clarke (@topscura), featuring talented musicians from Vancouver jamming out in a 1983 Dodge camper van named Bessie Blue with new episodes every Thursday!

Check out Em and I singing  “Que Sera Sera” by Sly & The Family Stone

For more info about Emily and Michael Go here:

http://emilychambers.ca | http://facebook.com/emilychambersmusic | @em_chambers

http://topscura.com | @topscura


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Open hearted and hopeful, blisssed and blessed, thankful and thoughtful. A curious creator, lover, mover and shaker, melody maker who is inspired by adventure, love, sound and shape, colour and dreams, nature and kindness. I savour things that speak to and stir the heart.