Dawn has become a staple of the Vancouver music scene and can often be found tearin’ it up as a vocalist, teacher, facilitator, adjudicator, choir director and “go to girl” for live performances and studio sessions. She currently directs the Roots ‘N’ Wings Women’s Choir and teaches masterclasses and workshops all over Canada. A passionate educator and performer, Dawn is extremely committed to developing and implementing fun, inspiring, accessible and educational musical experiences for people of all ages.

Scroll down to check out a few of the workshops that Dawn can offer! Please contact if you’d like to book a workshop or have her design tailor one for your group or event.

Why is soul music so fantastic?! Why is soul music so fun to sing?! Together we will dive in and explore some of the techniques and styles of some of the greatest soul singers like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Using fun and inspiring songs, we’ll create a mini-choir in which budding soloists can seek, stretch out and soar!

In a fun, playful and supportive environment we will dig deep and explore the art of performance! This performance masterclass is open to singers of all levels and styles. Together we will learn some fantastic tools to enhance your solo chops, free your voice, build your confidence, inspire your musicality and refine your overall performance techniques. All participants must come prepared to sing one song and must bring a leadsheet/chart or sheet music in their key.

From Canada to Ghana, Brazil and beyond….the world’s music provides a magical landscape of sounds and rhythms. This workshop will be an opportunity to sing some of the most fun, happy and soulfully satisfying music our world has to offer!

‘HUMMIN’ AND STRUMMIN” Gospel Singing for The Budding Ukulele Player
This ensemble is open to all singers and beginner ukulele players who love traditional, ‘down-home’ gospel music, singin’ in harmony, and strummin’ and clappin’ (on two and four of course!). No previous experience required. You will need to bring a ukulele, a tuner and a small, portable music stand.

Do you cringe when your director says “Let’s sightread this”? Have you been wanting to improve your sight singing abilities? Do you want to feel more confident when looking at a piece of music? Are you ready to get ecstatically nerdy and learn a new skill that will help you with your music making? Well, this class is for you! Join Dawn in this energetic and engaging class that will strengthen your musical foundation, give you some useful tricks and tools to successfully read notes and rhythms, and improve your ear. The fun is guaranteed…this ain’t yo mama’s ear training class!

Come and experience the joy and richness of singing the soulful and uplifting sacred music of the African American tradition! From spirituals to contemporary gospel music, together we will take a musical journey that is guaranteed to make you stomp your feet, clap your hands (on 2 and 4 of course), and have a feel good time!

‘SING STOMP CLAP’ Singing, Rhythm & Body Percussion
Clap your hands, stomp your feet and raise your voice! Discover the joy of creative expression, music and rhythm while using one of the world’s first instruments . . . the human body. Together we will groove and “la la la” our way through co-operative, fun and funky a capella songs, steps and rhythms from around the world. Guaranteed you will leave energized, inspired and hungry for more. This program is for all levels, no experience is required to have a good time.