17 January 2016

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.109 – Forest Flower

January 17th, 2016|News, Sunday Slow Jams|

Happy New Year! I hope that wherever you are 2016 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for you! How are those resolutions going….? This week’s Sunday Slow(ish) Jam features a track by saxophonist Charles Lloyd. For some reason this tune, “Forest Flower” reminds me of how I want my year to look and feel. It begins with chill vibes and then becomes an energetic frenzy eventually simmering to a pleasant end. “Forest Flower” beings with a sweetness and familiarity that is cozy and comforting and then Keith Jarrett smacks you in the face with his ferocious energy and fiery piano solo.  His playing is visceral and pumps me up! Things continue to heat up as the trio burns along. Charles Lloyd bursts through with his stellar tone and proceeds to play like many of the hallowed that have come before him. It is not hard to hear the lineage and evolution of great saxophonists in his playing, however, Lloyd’s voice is distinct and always his own.

Charles Lloyd – Forest Flower w/ Keith Jarrett (piano) and Cecil McBee (bass)

You can hear the Charles Lloyd Quartet in Vancouver on February 20th at the Vogue. Go here for more info: http://www.coastaljazz.ca/an_evening_charles_lloyd

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27 December 2015

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.108 – Idle Moments

December 27th, 2015|News, Sunday Slow Jams|

Happy New Year! I hope that you survived the “Christmas Craziness” and had a beautiful time with friends and family. After the holidays begin to wind down, I enjoy taking a few moments to think about what is important, set goals, vision and clean my home from top to bottom as a way to prepare for the coming year. It can seem like quite a challenge at times to carve out the time to do this, but I find it does help me stay clear and positive.

Check out Grant Green’s tune, “Idle Moments” and let it be an invitation to stop just for a little while. This track is so warm sounding. I love how Joe Henderson’s solo magically unfurls like steam from a cup. Gorgeous.

Idle Moments – Grant Green

As 2015 closes I hope that you can take the time to reflect and craft a year that entices you, inspires you and rewards you with grace, beauty and love. I trust that you will stretch out, re-invent, create space and have a few moments to daydream and pass the time by doing nothing. Having a few idle moments in the day helps to punctuate ordinary tasks in a meaningful way. Wishing you all the best this coming year!

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20 December 2015

Sunday Slow Jam Vol.107 – A Child is Born

December 20th, 2015|News, Sunday Slow Jams|

The holidays are upon us and it always seems a little bit crazy this time of year. The eternal “to do” list is always way too long and it often feels like the madness will never end. Perhaps this is why yen for the simple things and feel a pull to go a little slower and do less. I crave coziness, quietness and reflection, and time with family and friends. This year many dear friends have kids and new babies. It is such a treasure to have them in my life! I am so thankful for them because they teach me so much about the world around me.  They are so present, so funny and thoughtful. They represent so much of what is possible with their curiosity, honesty and unconditional love. I think that is what the Christmas Story is all about…the possibility and hope for a new way of doing and being that is loving and compassionate. Christian or not, its message is universal.

Now out of the night

New as the dawn into the light

Oh this child, innocent child,

Soft as a fawn

This child is born

One small heart, One pair of eyes

One work of art, Here in my arms

Here he lies

Trusting and warm, Blessed this bond

A child is born

Listen now to Oscar Peterson play a gorgeous version of Thad Jones’ tune, “A Child is Born”. I know it’s not a true Christmas tune, but something about it is hymn-like and holy. It perfectly captures the spirit of hope.

Oscar Peterson – A Child is Born

Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best this Holiday Season. May you have many spacious, beautiful, and sacred moments with those you cherish most!

Brought to you by Coastal Jazz.