9 Dec

BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton – We Cry

2018-11-23T21:30:13+00:00December 9, 2012|Inspiration Station, News|

We are excited! In anticipation of our upcoming album, BJ Block and I have released a bonus track in partnership with the amazing organization, Nations Cry. All proceeds from the song, “We Cry” will go directly to humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone, El Salvador and Guatemala. Here’s the first of many new songs to come! Please help us spread the word and raise some money for an excellent cause! Thank YOU!

24 Jun

Seducing Yourself Into Song

2015-02-09T00:11:41+00:00June 24, 2012|Inspiration Station, News|

A few weeks ago, I took an amazing course called “Stand and Deliver“.  It’s a fabulous public speaking experience that helps you to develop and refine the skills to speak confidently, effectively, from the heart and from a relaxed and grounded place.  I had a really fun time and learned a lot.  I actually left feeling like the workshop was about more than just public speaking, it was about cultivating belief in yourself and using that belief to speak from an authentic and passionate place.  I felt empowered and inspired by the workshop.  Can you tell that , […]

11 Apr

Write Now, Right Now

2015-02-07T23:27:14+00:00April 11, 2012|Inspiration Station, News|

At this very moment I’m flexing my songwriting muscles and have begun a marathon of writing. I have to complete a shwack of songs in the next 3 weeks for various musical endeavours. Some songs have starts, some are co-writes and of course I’ve got lots of bits, but now comes the hard part, the moment where those bits need to become whole and the moment when I question my very existence and life choices. Ha ha! It’s a beautiful thing to be involved in so many creative projects and to have the experience of living in a hyper creative […]