25 Dec

Everyday Music Project

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Sending you lots of love to you and yours this Christmas. May you feel the warmth of the season the whole year through and may peace, joy, love, and hope surround you now and always.

1000 songs,1000 acts,1000 days.  What began as a video musicology experiment has morphed into a spiritual journey (the music is my guide).  Check out more about Rod Matheson’s amazing project!  Go here.

29 Oct

Creativity is So Curious

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63Since the beginning of Fall I’ve been dreaming, scheming and planning a personal musical project and fine tuning it’s execution. It feels scary, exciting and big all at once. I’m in major writing mode which means, not a lot of writing is happening! Ha! Well….. there is not as much writing happening as I would like there to be. In an ideal world I would spend at least 2 hours a day working on tunes and flushing out ideas etc… Respectable, attainable, reasonable goal right? Somehow, in “DawnLand”, this goal really means […]

19 Aug

Outdoor Pianos and Seaside Serenading!

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This summer the City Studios launched an amazing outdoor music project called “Keys to The Streets”!  It’s a fun, interactive and engaging project that brings music to the people. The Georgia Straight chose to do a fabulous series on a few Vancouver musicians having fun with the pianos and I got to be one of them!  Yay!  It was a beautiful day and so wonderful to hear the sounds of the city and the people around me as I played and sang.  It was heart warming actually and made me fall more and more in love […]

26 Jul

Memory Project – Vancouver Folk Music Festival

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Friends and Fans of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival!  Check this out. Beautiful, heartfelt songs crafted from your memories by the talented Veda Hille and performed by Veda, her dynamic band and kicky choir!  I was lucky enough to wave my arms around in front of these folks for the show last year and the recording this year.  Did I mention there are special guestsssssss…..?  Did someone say Dan Mangan?

Have a listen!